10 Best Free Online Italian Language Courses 2024 (2024)

Ciao!!! Are you interested in learning the Italian language? then this article on free online Italian language courses is the right one for you!

Before any language is learned, it is necessary to start with the basics one of which is the greetings. Whether you want to learn a language to travel abroad or study in any part of the world, you need to at least learn how to greet and exchange pleasantries in that language.

The Italian language is one of the most popular and influential languages in the world. Around the world, between 63.4 million and 80 million people speak the Italian language. It is not only the official language of Italy, it is also an official language in Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Istria County in Croatia, and Slovene Istria in Slovenia.

The European Union uses Italian as one of its 24 official and working languages. And it’s a recognized minority language in even more countries, including Bosnia/Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and Romania.

Additionally, Italian is the second most common language in Argentina. In certain parts of Brazil, it’s a regional language, and schools are required to teach it.

Italian is the language of love and music.

Benefits of Learning the Italian Language

Learning the Italian language has numerous benefits attached to it.

Italian is an easy language to learn. If you happen to know how to speak English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese, you will find a lot of similarities with Italian. They share many other same grammars, vocabulary, and sentence structures

Learning the Italian language helps you gain a competitive advantage at your workplace. Keep in mind that Italy is also a thriving economy, as it’s the 3rd largest in the Eurozone. Global brands that have and are constantly expanding offices there to serve Italian consumers and businesses. When you learn Italian, you’ll be able to take advantage of these abundant opportunities.

Learning the Italian language also helps to open yourself up to new art, music, and entertainment.

You’ll be exposed to the creativity that was originally written in Italian. From Mozart composing in Italian to plays like Romeo and Juliet being written in Italian, you’ll gain a new appreciation.

For movie buffs, you can appreciate the recent masterpieces of Sorrentino and Benigni, and other amazing artists based in Italy.

From learning the Italian language, you build strong relationships with your Italian friends.

Requirements for Free Online Italian Language Courses

Students interested in taking free Italian language courses online should have basic English skills. Anyone at any level can start taking Italian courses online right away without age, geographical or academic requirements

How to Take Italian Language Course Online

There is no right answer when it comes to how to learn a new language. With so many options for your language journey, it’s no surprise that choosing a learning style or method can be overwhelming!

Of the millions of people who speak and study Italian as a non-native language, you’ll find folks who have used all sorts of resources to learn the language, some free, some fairly cheap, and some more of financial investment. There’s no right combination, and it’s up to you to decide which methods work best for you.

Some of the ways to learn Italian language courses online are discussed below:

In a classroom setting or with one-on-one instruction from an Italian teacher or tutor

Italian is among the more studied languages in school systems and universities around the world. Italian classroom learning is the most popular option for learners in grade school or university settings. It allows more intensive, regular study with feedback from teachers who know the language and can correct mistakes as they happen and interactively teach content.

Depending on how large a class is and how engaged the teacher is, learning in a classroom might be a less personalized experience, but having other students to talk to and practice with is a valuable resource for a learner of any language.

Private Italian tutoring offers a more tailored learning experience than traditional classroom learning with many advantages. Having a skilled Italian tutor at hand who can help you perfect your pronunciation and work with you closely on the aspects of Italian that cause you trouble is a great way to improve your skills fast — without a teacher needing to split time and attention among multiple students.

Also, Italian tutoring doesn’t have to be inconvenient at all; many sessions can and do take place over video calls instead of in person.

With paid or free online Italian courses, classes, software, or apps

There are many top-notch, expert-designed online courses and programs that run from reasonably priced to very expensive. They allow you to learn on your own time and are often more interactive and engaging than many free courses and resources.

Plus, many of the best products out there are constantly updated with new, fresh material, so you can get the most relevant learning experience available.

With Italian media resources like podcasts, playlists, books, movies, and TV shows

There are many online Italian audio lessons you can find that can teach you the basics of Italian vocabulary and grammar without needing to look at a page or a screen.

Italian audio lessons are great for multitasking; you can listen to them in the car or in the background of another activity, like commuting to work, cooking dinner, or taking a walk in your neighborhood.

Listening to Italian songs can be a great learning method, too. With songs, a chorus or group of lyrics is often repeated more than once, giving you plenty of opportunities to hear lyrics over and over. You can find many playlists of Italian songs on Spotify that are organized by proficiency level, too, from beginner playlists to more advanced ones.

Watching Italian movies and Italian TV shows is an excellent way to connect with the Italian language in a fun, engaging format. You can find a lot of good content of all different genres and for all learning proficiency levels on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Free Online Italian Language Courses

There are numerous Italian language Free Courses online. They will be listed and explained in categories

1. Italian online club

This free online Italian language course has all the resources you need to learn Italian quite well. It features materials from all levels, including vocabulary, grammar, reading, dialogues, listening practice, and more.

It is one of the free online Italian language courses available on the internet today.

Apply Here

2. Free Italian courses from Wellesley college

This free online Italian language course offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced Italian courses, with each course featuring instructional videos, podcasts, interviews, and more. It’s a great option for those looking to take a college-curated comprehensive course.

It is one of the free online Italian language courses available on the internet today

Apply Here

3. Italianissimo

This free Italian language course is a BBC Italian video course in the 90s. The material quality is great, and the course has a mix of English and Italian and is great for beginners. It is one of the free online Italian language courses available on the internet today.

Apply Here

4. Speak Italian with your mouth full

This free Italian language course focuses on Italian food and cuisine Italian food is one of the most popular and beloved all over the world. This YouTube series allows you to kill two birds with one stone and learn some Italian while also learning to cook.

Each lesson is divided into several parts: first, you get introduced to new vocabulary, and then you can watch a cooking lesson while listening to people using the vocabulary you’ve just learned. Most videos are 10-20 minutes long, and you can tackle each lesson in parts at your own pace.

It is one of the free online Italian language courses available on the internet today.

Apply Here

5. Learn Italian with Lucrezia

This free online Italian language course is a youtube channel run by a Roman lady Lucrezia, who presents a variety of materials for beginners as well as intermediate learners. Lucrezia explains the different peculiarities of Italian grammar and provides exercises, gives practical learning tips, and talks about different aspects of Italian culture.

It is one of the free online Italian language courses available on the internet today.

Apply Here

6. The Italian Experiment

This is a free online Italian language course for beginners and intermediate levels. There are a lot of tools for learning the Italian language online including free vocabulary and grammar lessons. The course comprises short but clear explanations.

It is one of the free online Italian language courses available on the internet today.

Apply Here

7. ItalianPod101

This free Italian language course is an Italian learning podcast focusing on audio lessons, but it is also much more than that. It features a comprehensive Italian course from beginner to advanced, with audio lessons, grammar, and vocabulary practice.

It is a wonderful option if you want to focus on listening and conversational Italian. It is one of the free online Italian language courses available on the internet today.

Apply Here

8. Coffee Break Italian

This free Italian language course is for beginners and intermediate learners. They also offer courses at the Coffee Break Academy where you can access video materials, lesson notes, and bonus audio content.

This is perfect for the most visual learners out there and It is one of the free online Italian language courses available on the internet today.

Apply Here

9. Podcast Italiano

This free online Italian language course is run by Davide from Turin. The course is for both beginners and intermediate and advanced learners. Davide regularly tackles serious and engaging topics, so you’ll never get bored and will always learn something new.

New episodes come out regularly, and there is even a YouTube channel so you won’t ever feel a shortage new of learning material. It is one of the free online Italian language courses available on the internet today.

Apply Here

10. One word Italiano

This free online Italian language course is run by Veronica from Sardinia. The course comprises a 37-unit beginner course and a 24-unit intermediate course. The courses feature grammar, vocabulary, exercises, dialogues, and cultural information.

It is a great course to help improve your listening skills with short lessons and It is one of the free online Italian language courses available on the internet today.

Apply Here

There you have it! I hope you found this bit of information useful. There’s no time to waste, Start learning now!

Best free online Italian language courses-FAQs

Can I learn Italian online?

Yes, you can learn the Italian language online. There are a lot of free online Italian language courses that are available online both for beginners and advanced learning.

How long does it take to learn Italian?

The length of time it takes to become proficient in Italian or any other language depends greatly on how hard, how often, and how efficiently you study. Some language experts recommend studying for at least 20 hours a week to learn the basics in a short amount of time.

What is the best way to learn Italian on my own?

Below are the best ways to learn Italian on your own

  • Watch Italian TV and movies.
  • Play Italian learning games.
  • Read and write
  • Use Italian language learning apps.
  • Listen to podcasts.
  • Watch YouTube videos.
  • use Italian language books.
  • Use flashcards.
  • Face-to-face course.
  • Go to Italy!
  • Talk to Italian friends

What is the best site to learn Italian?

Below is the list of the best websites to learn the Italian language.

  • Duolingo
  • italki
  • Memrise
  • Babbel
  • Busuu
  • Online World Italiano
  • Omniglot
  • Bbc Learn Italian
  • Skillshare
  • Livemocha
  • Fluentu
  • ItalianPod101
  • Live lingua
  • Memrise
  • Online Italian club
  • iLuss Italian online


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10 Best Free Online Italian Language Courses 2024 (2024)
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