Black History Month Choice Board, YouTube Video, Activities for Middle School (2024)

If you are celebrating Black History Month with your middle school students this February (and all year long), this Black History Month Choice Board is perfect to explore black voices and stories in a modern context.

Our Black History Month Modern Figures Choice Board is comprehensive activity tailored for middle school students, designed to make Black History Month a truly unforgettable and educational experience allowing students the choice to be assessed in a whatever way feels the most authentic to them.

Inside this captivating product, you'll find:

10 Choice Boards for Modern Black Figures: Explore the remarkable journeys and contributions of influential Black figures from various fields, including poetry, speeches, social media, newspaper, magazine, art, and more. These choice boards are a dynamic way to engage students in hands-on learning.

10 YouTube Videos: Dive into the world of Black excellence with curated YouTube clips that highlight the achievements and impact of these modern figures. These videos are a perfect companion to your classroom discussions.

10 Question Sets: Foster critical thinking and meaningful discussions with our thoughtfully crafted question sets, tailored to each YouTube video. Encourage students to explore the narratives and perspectives of these incredible individuals.

Printable Sheet: Empower students to choose their own Black figure to research and celebrate. This printable sheet provides them with the freedom to explore their interests and learn about the Black voices that resonate with them.

This resource isn't just about studying history; it's about celebrating the living legacy of Black excellence and resilience. It's an opportunity for students to connect with modern figures who are making history today.

Key features of our "Black History Month Modern Figures Choice Boards and Activities:

️Diverse Modern Figures: Explore the achievements and contributions of 10 modern Black figures, representing a wide range of fields and accomplishments, providing a comprehensive view of Black excellence.

️Engaging Choice Boards: The choice boards offer creative and interactive activities that cater to different learning styles, such as poetry, speeches, social media, newspaper, magazine, art, and more. Students can choose activities that resonate with them, fostering personal engagement.

️Curated YouTube Videos: Handpicked YouTube clips provide students with multimedia content that brings the stories and achievements of these figures to life, making learning more engaging and visually stimulating.

️Thought-Provoking Questions: Each video is accompanied by a set of questions designed to promote critical thinking and discussion, encouraging students to delve deeper into the narratives and themes presented in the videos.

️Student Autonomy: The printable sheet empowers students to take charge of their learning by allowing them to select and research a Black figure of their choice, promoting independent research and exploration.

️Middle School Level: Tailored for middle school students, the content and activities are age-appropriate and aligned with educational standards, ensuring a meaningful learning experience.

️Black History Month Celebration: This resource is specifically designed to celebrate Black History Month, allowing educators to acknowledge and honor the contributions of Black voices and stories in a modern context.

️Holistic Learning: By combining multimedia resources, creative activities, and thought-provoking questions, this product offers a holistic approach to learning about and celebrating Black history, making it a well-rounded educational experience.

️Promotes Inclusivity: This product encourages inclusivity by highlighting diverse Black figures from various backgrounds and fields, ensuring that the stories of a broad range of Black voices are heard and celebrated.

️Easy to Implement: The ready-to-use choice boards, videos, and question sets make it easy for educators to integrate these activities into their curriculum, saving time on lesson planning.

As we celebrate Black History Month, our product serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations, deepened understanding, and the amplification of Black voices. Equip your middle school classroom with the tools to honor and appreciate the contributions of these remarkable individuals.

Embrace the spirit of Black History Month and empower your students to engage with the inspiring stories of these modern figures. Start the journey today and let the celebration begin! #BlackHistoryMonth #CelebrateBlackHistory #BlackVoices #ModernFigures #MiddleSchool #BlackStories

If you have questions, reach out to us at

NOTICE: these slides are NOT editable due to the terms of use outlines by Canva.

REMINDER: I would highly recommend previewing the YouTube videos before assigning them to a class. If you would like an alternative, you can head to YouTube and replace the existing video before assigning to students if desired.

Black History Month Choice Board, YouTube Video, Activities for Middle School (2024)
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