Cheesy White Bean-Tomato Bake Recipe (2024)

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Barb Cone

It’s so worth it in a recipe where beans are the major ingredient, to use dried beans instead of canned one. Dried beans have a lovely firm texture and great taste. Buy some dried beans, rinse and dump what you need for your recipe into big saucepan of cold water and let sit overnight. Drain the water, add fresh water and simmer until tender. If you find you have a few too many cooked beans, you can freeze the extra in baggies to add to soups, chili etc.


I doubled the tomato paste and garlic and added a chopped yellow onion, drained/chopped San Marzano tomatoes, oregano, and red pepper flakes. Delicious!


This was very good. I did feel that it needed a brightness at the end as the mozz was a little too mellow for me. I added fresh rosemary and it was WOW! Other ideas to give it some oomph would be crushed red pepper or another cheese with some zing. Maybe asiago along with the mozz?


I made this with extra tomato paste and half cannelini half garbanzo beans. Divine. It took 15 min start to finish and was incredible. I ate more than half for dinner and stuck the whole cast iron in the fridge, then reheated on the stove with a splash of water and the lid on in the morning to eat with over medium eggs and toast. Lovely crust around the edges (the best part) and gooey cheese all through the top. A rare recipe that is easy, delicious, and uses things I always have in my pantry!


I added baby kale and rosemary. So delicious and quick!

Pam W.

After reading notes: added onion, grated carrot, diced celery, fresh baby spinach, red pepper flakes, dried oregano, rosemary & basil, full 6 oz can tomato paste, grated Parmesan, 3 links mild Italian sausage, crumbled and fried. It. Was. DeLICious!!


I’ve made this several times now. I don’t neccessarily think it’s worth it to start with dried beans because it’s such a great quick dinner. I’ve been adding a bunch of finely chopped kale or spinach and using a whole can of tomato paste. Don’t skimp on the salt/pepper and use good mozzarella and you won’t be short on flavor. A new fave!


This was a huge hit and a truly fast weeknight dinner. I skimmed over the notes here and incorporated a few reader suggestions: I quickly braised some kale to mix in, then included shallots with the garlic, used an entire 6-oz can of tomato paste, increased to 44 oz of beans, and topped with smoked mozzarella. Served with toasted country bread and some tapenade. My teenagers loved it and so did I.

Jennifer B.

We love this in our house, though - full disclosure - I've tweaked it pretty hard, doubling the amount of tomato paste, adding a little Gruyere to replace some mozz, adding 1/4 lb. cooked elbow macaroni, and, after baking, topping with arugula and a drizzle of olive oil, and putting it back in the oven for a few minutes to wilt. The original is certainly fine, but as noted in other reviews, a bit bland. The added tomato paste, Gruyere, and arugula add just enough to make it more interesting.


Great quick side dish for a cold night, very satisfying.Followed recipe to letter, next time I'll add some fresh rosemary.What was amazing was brunch using the leftovers on grilled bread with scrambled (or maybe over easy) eggs!! Thank you to the reader who posted that suggestion. Fabulous!!

Mike in NC

This recipe popped up just as I got home on a pollen filled, rainy, tornado warning in effect Friday here in Raleigh. A look at the notes & I was all in. I had the basic ingredients in the pantry, carrots and Fennel in the fridge. I sauteed Vidalia Onion, Fennel and chopped carrots, added Thyme and Oregano and a can each of diced tomato and paste, White Beans and Garbanzos. Topped with some fresh Parm and shredded Mozzarella. It browned up beautifully. Start to finish 30 minutes. Delicious


I used 5T tomato paste and thought it had good flavor - definitely up the paste for more zing!

Louie Phillips

I made this for a Saturday night dinner. I actually used three cans of beans as well as three Italian sausage links that I crumbled and browned along with the garlic. I substituted Cabernet for the water (would have used Chianti but we were out) and threw in a couple handfuls of spinach. This is a good basic recipe that can be easily modified. Excellent leftovers.

Mark Shafer

I did this with a bit of butter in the olive oil. The little bit of browned butter taste that comes through really lights this up!


It seems like just enough of a recipe to count. I made this after reading community notes here, so I made the following changes. 1. Used the entire can of tomato paste;2. Added a full head of washed, chopped escarole;3. Altered the cheese to a mix of mozz, parm, and aged gouda.Then I baked it longer than the instructions said. It was great! But really I felt like I was cheating. I will definitely do it again. I bet it would be great with pureed winter squash added to it.


My only addition was to top with chopped basil. Such a delicious and easy weeknight meal. Paired it with a salad and toasted baguette. Loved it and would definitely make again.


Very simple and easy to make - I added some kale, but should have added more garlic and possibly another seasoning or two to help make it a bit more flavorful

Cynthia C

I have made this a few times, but my favorite was today, in the airfryer. I used a piece of parchment to contain it all. Crispiness galore, and I can easily halve the recipe, plus no pan to clean!


Mix mozzarella in, instead of baking on top. No need to bake at all. Cook on stove top. Add in sautéed kale leaves


Easily doctored with a handful of chopped fresh rosemary, a sprinkling of Greek oregano, some dried thyme and a small diced onion sautéed before adding the garlic, this is a keeper!

endlessly riffable

This format could work well with most veg additions; I added Kale this time. I had dried beans & a pressure cooker, so used those & subbed the broth for the water. Doubled tom paste & garlic of course. Added harissa for spice. Delicious!


easy, low carb pizza craving alternative; great for GF diets


dried oregano fresh ground fennelsplash of acid? wine? red vinedar?


I hardly ever have tomato paste (even the kind in the tube), so I used 3/4 cup of crushed tomatoes to replace the paste and water. Came out great!


I've made this exactly as written - it was great! So easy! Perfect weeknight dinner. Next few times I made it I added kale and sometimes cherry tomatoes. Still delicious.


Mixed in Parmesan, red pepper flakes and rosemary to the beans. Might try some oregano next time. Also used tomato sauce instead of paste. Ate it with some home made bread! Excellent dish, and my digestive system is very pleased!


Made it with just one can of beans, 3 cloves garlic, 4 T tomato paste, added about 1/2 tap TJ’s umami mushroom powder, used Italian blend cheese mix. Served it with cauliflower that I roasted with a little thyme, smoked paprika, olive oil, salt and pepper. Really delicious!


This was so easy and delicious! I added some onion, oregano and chili flakes to the saute phase. Then a whole can of tomato paste. Added chopped up kale along with the canned beans and used plant-based cheese.


This is a fab recipe! I caramelized an onion and shallots then added garlic briefly before adding tomato paste. I also quickly roasted some grape tomatoes, which I added after the tomato paste-they gave it texture and more sweetness! I used one extra can of beans and, following the rest of the directions, it was perfect!

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Cheesy White Bean-Tomato Bake Recipe (2024)
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