Content Expansion Adventure - Chapter 1 - Benhuyna (2024)

Chapter Text

Terraria, wonderful and mysterious to those who dwell its worlds, is perfectly balanced.

Created by the Gods to guaranteed fairness for all the living beings. A balance of great importance, with no cost too great in seeking its fulfillment. Eons have passed since then; countless living worlds have been created from the Gods' fairness experiment and reside withing the Terraria's cosmos. Each world is sentient, knowing all that is going and feel the thoughts of every being. With their sole purpose is to ensure the balance is maintained at all cost, even violently if needed.

It is against the backdrop of this precious balance of life. Desolation and pain created from the great battles of legend and the adventures of our time take place. Passing down knowledge through the Order of The Guide, inspiring the generations to come.

But in the blind spot of the universe, exists a planet of unprecedented potential. Stories and adventure yet to be told. A great battle waged by the ancient race of Dryads against Cthulhu, a conqueror of unknown origin and unmeasurable power, to save Terraria and all life from annihilation. Despite the Dryad's best efforts, Terraria's last hope failed to kill the beast. But their combined strength has weakened Cthulhu's ability to wreak havoc. Ultimately, forcing the creature to retreat to the dark side of the moon, where he recovered strength for another attempt in conquest of Terraria. As for the Dryads, sadly, all but a single member perished... and the sole survivor has not been seen for many, many years.

A thousand years later, Comes a man with unswerving will.

He fought tooth and nails, disgusted Death with his failures. Slaying formidable monsters, using their corpse to become stronger. Formed many allies and friends. Raised structures that scraped the heavens. Arenas that spread for miles. Made hard decisions for the bigger picture. A great craftsman and engineer. He challenged Cthulhu, who came back as the Moon Lord. The world was swallow in darkness as they fought, after many failures. Finally the Moon Lord has been defeated by the legendary hero, The Terrarian.

The death of Cthulhu spread through the cosmos; they celebrated the fall of the monster. But, the hero's world was not yet prepared for the calamity that plagued Terraria.

Cthulhu has a history not yet known by the people of the planet. His rampage through countless world, and killing gods started a war between him and the ancient race of divine Dragons. The battle rumbled the cosmos, leaving the King of Dragon wounded. Tension rises, alliance formed just to stop him. Cthulhu concluded his conquest would be difficult if not impossible with the reputation made. He went to searched for an unfathomable power, strong enough to cut off death and control his destiny. He found it. Wanting to hoard the power for himself only. He conjures runes that disconnect the solar system from the universe and hiding himself away until he could gain the power of this world, without any disturbance.

But the fall of the Moon Lord, broke a veil that hides the planet from the chaos outside. Brought attention towards the Terrarian and his world. Many have their reasons, some seek to rid the power, some no different from the conqueror. Astrum Deus, in search of a cure for the astral infection within itself, was trapped inside its own mind as the infection take over seeking to infect the planet. Fortunately, the Star God, whose disease tried to take over the planet was cured and defeated by the Terrarian, has been liberated. Astrum Deus returned to wander the cosmos creating new star without the fear of infection, due to the Terrarian's cure.

Providence, the Profaned Goddess saw the Terrarian as an insult to the purity of creation. She hid herself in the planet's sun, planning to overfeeds it twenty times over, swallowing the planet, triggering a supernova, and collapsing into a blackhole to ensure the erasure of the Terrarian's world. Though her method is a bit overkill, it was a threat to the Terrarian. He hunted down her guardians, used their body to create a tangible vessel for the goddess and trapped her into it, where the Terrarian put an end to the Goddesss wailing.

The Devourer of Gods, the otherworldly gluttonous beast, sought to absorbed the power of the Blazing Goddess. He ordered his servants the envoy Signus, Ceaseless Void, and Storm Weaver to hunt down the essences of the Goddess through countless solar systems, only to be met with the news that Providence was defeated in a world prized by the infamous Cthulhu. Aiming to fill in the position of the conqueror, the Devourer set out to take the power for himself. But, his demise was no different from the predecessor.

The Godseeker, Yharim took notice of the hero, seeing how similar they both are. But the journey can only have one person, Yharim challenged the Terrarian, to see whoever will take each other's destiny. But his closes friendandfamily Yharon, opposed. He couldn't accept the path his master has chosen. The Dragon reasoned with his friend. who insist on the battle. But the Dragon cannot accept this path. He sought to fight the Terrarian, and find a way to ensure his master's victory...

A beautiful mountain grassland under the cloudless blue sky that stretches into the dark space, laid an arena that covered an area of 20 squared kilometers, bordered by dozens of thins pillars that stretches beyond the clouds. Railway tracks was spread throughout the sky and above. On the ground, campfires were placed, heart shaped lanterns are buried under the hollow space of the arena. At the center, is a man covered in armor, that is emitting with blue and violet energy-God Slayer Armor-. He carried a shield with the same designed that of the armor, but heating at the temperature of the sun-Asgardian Aegis-. He wears a peculiar winged metal boots-Elysian Tracers-, and gauntlets brimming with flames, frost and poison-Elemental Gauntlet-.

He wore an expressionless face, hanging inside the opened up horned great helm. He ruffled his hand within his pockets, seemly his inventory as he pulled out a reddish egg covered with gold and emerald spots. At that moment, he cracked the egg in his hand as a stream of flames covered the man head to toe brimming him with an infernal aura.

A raging storm is approaching from outside the universe

The helmet eyes glowed with energy as he shut it. He immediately pulled out his blade and-!!THWOOM!!-A massive shockwave that exploded the heavens for thousands of miles away. The sky turned orange, filling the air with melting temperature. The border of the arena was surrounded by massive flaming pillars. The center, where the man was, was curved as spacetime is affected by the unmeasurable mass, before the fabric of reality slowly restore as distortion fades.

The man stood his ground clashing against the burning aura. He moved his blade and deflected the attack that knocked both the man and the raging storm back. The man catches himself as he faces the burning storm in front of him. Gradually, the fire died down, revealing a red furred platypus like bird, with a triceratops like frill, four golden horns and a beak like that of an alligator, it has some gold decorating its wings and wrist, an emerald necklace at its chest. The beast stared back at the man with annoyance in its green eye.

"Will you ever give up, Terrarian" Growled the winged beast, as it started to brim itself with energy.

Yharon, Dragon of Rebirth has awoken

Yharon breath out a line of flare dusts that steadily accelerate toward the Terrarian, whose Tracers lifted him up as he weaved around the homing projectile, The hero threw out his galaxy burning sword-Galaxia-spinning like a buzzsaw at the dragon, who backed off but after sustaining a few cuts. The Phoenix than charged at the Terrarian who dashes through the dragon with his Asgardian Aegis that exploded the bird with purple flame-God Slayer Inferno- and negating the dragon's attack.

The Terrarian deflected a Flare Missile from Yharon, giving the dragon time to close distance. The hero dodged Yharon's haymakers, flapped upward, evading the Dragon's tail sweep and performing a jump kick on the dragon's head, flying higher away from the beast. Yharon create more flare dusts that accelerate after the Terrarian. The flare bomb split up and catches up to the hero, forcing him to parry them with Galaxia, however the projectile was overwhelming covering the hero whole before exploding into a massive ball of fire. But in the nick of time, The Terrarian dashed out unscathed.

Yharon lunge at the hero at a blinding speed, throw a flaming haymaker at the Terrarian and got behind the man's back. The Terrarian got caught off guard twice, deflecting Dragon fist that pop into a barrage of flame-crackers stunning the hero regardless. At the time, Yharon finished charging up his breath and flame throw the hero, turning him into puff of smoke...?

"What-" Yharon muttered as he felt a melting sensation with sharpness behind his back. The Terrarian managed to backstabbed the dragon with his purple curve broadsword-Exelsus- and Injuring Yharon with God Slayer Inferno.

The Phoenix violently flipped the Terrarian off his back, Yharon glared at the warrior, "You're just full of tricks, Terrarian"

The Terrarian shrugged at the remark. The dragon could feel the smirk under that helmet. The Terrarian then slashed a flurry of projectiles with Exelsus while Yharon evades, and created a trail of flare dust that hasten toward the Terrarian, as Yharon does the same, overwhelming the hero.

The hero summoned a pink jelly mount-Gelatinous Pillion- that dragged him down, quickly evading the dragon's attack. Yharon, immediately charged and pushed through Galaxia-Aries' Wrath- catching the hero by surprised. The Terrarian called back his blade and clashed the Dragon with Galaxia-Polaris' Gaze-, its flame burns against Yharon's own. The Dragon then dodges a swing from the hero but receive a kick by the Terrarian. Despite Polaris' Gaze ever increasing size, it's still nimble in the hero's hand. Yharon quickly barrage the hero who seemingly rolled on the dragon's punches and kicks dodging the attack, before the Dragon back with a kick, following with a strike from Galaxia launching the Dragon back and releasing Polaris' Gaze firing the Northern Star that blasting the Dragon down.

"Ugh!! " Yharon grunted as he recovered his flight, the dragon takes a deep inhale and blew out a mighty humid gale, Yharon beats his wings controlling the wind in a spiral, A whirlwind. The Terrarian tried to fly away, futile it was. He got sucked into the whirlwind and into the burning hurricane. Hundreds of squared kilometers, was taken over by the raging storm, burning everything in its way.

The Terrarian fire a worm like hook-Bobbit Hook- onto the railway track that is unaffected by the melting temperature. The hero pulled himself higher and away from the center of the flaming whirlwind. Thus, the Terrarian blasted off higher than the thundering ashen clouds and into the stratosphere.

Yharon stood in the center of the burning hurricane, searching through the ashen clouds for the hero. Although he couldn't find the Terrarian, the color of the sky reminded him of a certain ginger.

The Ashen cloud passes through the Dragon transition

into a dark room, Yharon slowly walked on the red carpet of a throne room. It was empty, nobody was there except him, and a man in gold beside the window. Gazing upon the stars, nebula and natural phenomenon in the universe.

"Am I too hasty in experiencing? " Questioned the man in gold, not taking his eyes of the universe before him.

"Could you be a little bit mindful of what you're saying, first? " Yharon grumped back, forcing a slight chuckle out of the man who lightly jab the giant phoenix before resuming on his business, "When we waged war against the Gods. Expanding our little army and getting them into space. I felted wonderous at everything in the cosmos..."

Yharon observed the man as he speaks, feeling the mood died down as he continues, "But as war rage on, so was our empire. Scientists, Mages and Warriors came to serve under me. It wasn’t even a century that I had the universe in my hand...”

Yharon glance at the man, “Now I stood at the brink of infinity, trying to finished my oath for millenniums...I feel empty, all those small things, space, creatures, knowledges that kept me feeling adventurous are gone.”

" I wonder if the Terrarian is feeling those emotions? " The armored man wondered before continuing, "Until we cross blades-".

" No-" " It's settled-" " YHARIM!!"

Destiny is for the weak. You said that to me” Yharon said with a growled. His eyes reflected the cold blue light of the auric helm, desiring a change of reaction to him. But the man stood silently failing his dragon’s expectations. It was a while before they continued.

” I see my reflection in him. We fight and grow through our enemies’ corpse like stepping stones. I realized then, only one must perish for the other to grow. We are each other’s stepping stones”

“Dependent on destiny is weak. Controlling fate through sheer will is strength. Remember that my friend...” Yharim stated firmly, depressing the dragon further.

“But losing you...” Yharon muttered quietly, staring down on the cold steel floor with anger and denial. But he felt an embrace, from his master.

“ No need to fret. No one is absolute invincible. As long as they exist, so is their defeat. Have faith in me as it will ease your worries. Haha” Yharim laughed as he caresses the dragon’s concern with optimism. Yharon just couldn’t help but smile and lost himself in the warm of his master.

'I’m sorry for doubting you, but I will never regret saving you from your mistake!'

Yharon charged up and create a flaming tornado that becomes bigger and stronger chasing after the Terrarian who flew higher than the stratosphere. Looking back, a blur appeared at him,

"Got you, " before the Terrarian could react he was knocked cold, Yharon stopped behind the Terrarian, barraging the hero. He recovered and blocked the cross and lead hook but Yharon grab the blade opening the Terrarian’s guard, and deliver a blow at the Terrarian's helm breaking it apart and pushing him back, following with a flare bomb to subdue the man's movement and a fast charge to close up distance.

The Terrarian predicted his movement and throw a purple axe-like hammer that struck the dragon and three purple smaller variants appeared and hit the Bird from different angle boomerang. He tried to block but its boomerang-nature struck him from behind and returned back into the hero’s hand,

The replenishing dragon was locked in a deadly combo. The mastery between the Galaxy Smasher and Galaxia was to behold.

The terrarian threw the hammer which got parried by Yharon, who then prepares to fire breath the hero before getting struck from the returning Smasher, pushing the beast into the Terrarian's Galaxia thrust impaling him.

Galaxia latched onto Yharon. Opportunity came, Yharon try mauling the hero. The Terrarian weaved around the sharp claws and shoved Yharon off this blade before cutting the beast front and back with G-Smasher.

Yharon was infuriated by the Terrarian's combo. As the Terrarian A-Aegis dash the phoenix, he dodges the Hero’s cleave, intercepting his front kick, evading a knee strike from below and taking a G-Smasher to the face, all to lock the Terrarian like a mouse in his claw.

‘Incredible strength. For a rascal like you.’ Yharon charged up his breath to roast the helpless Terrarian, who's trying to break his arms free from the dragon’s grasp.

‘Pointless effort’ An energy accumulates above the dragon. Looking up, is a giant G-Smasher-Supercharged Hammer- spinning a blinding speed. Then...A bell ring created between the Supercharged Hammer and Yharon’s cranium echoes for miles.

The moment the Terrarian has broken free from Yharon, he wasted no time attacking the dragon.

"Enough!!" Yharon roared. He flaps his wings, pushing the Terrarian with the air pressure. The Phoenix flies in a loop, creating tons of Flare Bombs that fly in every direction. Although the flare bombs’ pattern is predictable, their number was overwhelming.

The dragon dash toward the Hero in the mist of chaos, giving the hero a fireball to deflect, and ramming the Terrarian like a bull. Sending the hero into a flare bomb, that exploded the hero back to Yharon, who whipped the hero away with its magma tail.

The sky and earth were over taken by their lighting speed. They clash, dash, counter, chasing each other around the massive arena. Even the distance from the grass to the cold air of the atmosphere is just short of a few wing beats.

"Dragon Fist!!" The Terrarian is blown away by Yharon’s punch. Despite that devastating blow, he recovered quickly with the B-Hook on the train rails. The Terrarian maneuver around the dragon’s homing Flare dust with laid out railways.

Making through the hail of F-bombs. The hero does a charging cross slash. Cutting the dragon’s blocking arms. Yharon push kick the Terrarian back away before flying in a loop, creating a bigger field of flare dusts than usual. Creating distance between him and the hero.

Despite that, the Terrarian pursued. He finds a line of sight between him and the dragon through the number of flare dusts. Using a pink spread out staff-Rod of Discord- and teleporting above the dragon before cutting the beast with a downward slash and touching the homing flarenado that formed a giant raging Infernado below the point of impact.

"Your insolent scoundrel” The Dragon dashed behind the Terrarian who parried the backfist of the dragon, Yharon wildly overwhelming the Terrarian with his rapid-dragon fire jabs. When the terrarian merely parried all of it with perfect posture, The dragon flew in a loop, creating a flare dust bullet hell, again.

As the hero backed away. Yharon surprise charged at unprepared man, delivering a devastating Dragon Fist hitting the hero straight on. Yet the hero manages to parry the beast attack on time and breaking Yharon’s posture.

“What!!?” Yharon exclaimed as the Terrarian held onto his horn. The hero shoved Exelsus up the dragon’s throat, dragging the blade closer to the skull before imbuing it with God Slayer Inferno.

Yharon choked as the Terrarian pulled out his blade. His entire body started turning into ash, he glared at the Terrarian as he perishes.

The sky slowly regains its blue hue as sunlight overtaken Yharon’s photons. The Terrarian fall back down and landed gracefully on the greenfield. The hero opened his Great helm leaving a gap as he takes a sip from a red flask slither with golden line-Omega Healing Potion- The GS-armor slowly regenerate its plating and rematerializing itself back to normal. The Terrarian then sharpen is blade with a sharping station. He prepared all of his buff potions and waited...

The air is getting warmer around you

In the sky at a certain point in space, energy accumulates and burns the fabric of reality. Ash swirl like a ball and the dark ash spread its wings. The crimson, gold and emerald decorated the ashes. At that moment, regardless of distance, everyone will hear the Roar of The Jungle Dragon. Reborn.

Yharon, Resplendent Phoenix has reborned

A bright flashed burst, followed with a thermonuclear shockwave that melted reality itself, covering the entire sky of the arena. The orange hue repainted the sky. The Terrarian look up at the sky awaiting. Suddenly, something crashed down behind him. Raising his guard as he turned around.

"Regardless of my displeasure, your progress its admirable. " Yharon remarked, glaring at the warrior with his emerald eyes. The Terrarian placed his hand over his heart gesturing a ‘Thank you’.

“Don’t take flattery as intimacy with me, Terrarian. ” Yharon spat in annoyance. Flame started to slither around the dragon, “Your potential ends here. ”

Yharon send out Flarenados that chases the Terrarian to the Stratosphere. The dragon looped out countless flare dusts covering the battlefield with its star shaped pattern.

The Terrarian flied high above the mesosphere where Yharon begins chasing. The hero regarded the space between them and waits for Yharon, who blitz behind the him. The Dragon failed to catch the Terrarian, who summons a Winged Slime that pulls him down at terminal velocity into the storm of flare dusts.

During the fall, the Terrarian threw a flurry of golden knives-Empyrean Knives- cutting the dragon. The knives stole Yharon’s blood and returns to the Terrarian as crimson streams, healing the hero.

"Your strategies are insufferable" Yharon growled as he pursues

The phoenix fires a flurry of firebombs that dive after the Terrarian. The situation was pressuring. The hero not only has to maneuver around the hell storm of projectiles but also keeping Yharon from healing with Exelsus.

Despite the Diving Fireball and Yharon making it more dangerous, the hero still push through. Having endured some flare dusts, the hero dismounted his slime and slitters through the falling fireballs fell below and burst into a cluster of mortar mini-fireballs.

Yharon has cornered the hero at his flaming pillar-border. He took the opportunity and bull rushes the unattended Terrarian, who took the full brunt of the dragon’s golden horns and into the flaming pillar that sent the hero upward.

The Terrarian came out of the burning pillars above the clouds. His armor has been melted; his flesh was melted to the bone. Yet, his strength and expression remained unchanged as he parries Yharon’s fire missile.

"Are you even human? " Yharon said amused. The GS-armor rematerialized its plating while the Terrarian regenerate half of himself with the healing potion.

Yharon deflected the G-Smasher with his horn and charge at the Terrarian, who utilize the A-Aegis, clashes with the dragon. The Terrarian weaved through Yharon’s mauling, parried the dragon’s combo of a jab, spinning elbow strike, with a roundhouse kick.

The hero spreads the Empyrean Knives like fan blades and retaliated. The Terrarian slash Yharon’s abdomen while dodging the incoming haymaker. The dragon tried to catch the nimble man who kept on cutting the him every chance he gets.

Yharon blocked the Supercharged hammer. behind his guard, the phoenix charged up his flames. But the Terrarian pried open his arm and dropkicked his jaw shut from releasing it, following with an Exelsus in his gut.

The Terrarian tried to slash Yharon with Aries’ Wrath, only to miss and get a knee to the face, flying higher into space. The phoenix warped behind the warrior and began to create a bullet hell. Unexpectedly, the dragon feinted and charged at him forcing a block.

Yharon feinted a tail whip, raising the Terrarian's guard, before burning the hero back with his breath. Yharon fires a F-missile for the hero to parry while he dashes tactically.

The Terrarian left himself open for a Dragon Fist as he attacks Yharon. Arrhythmic Fighting Pattern, Yharon’s specialty. Utilizes unpredictability and preys upon counter, parry impulses. The hero put all his focus on defense and tactical retreating to heal up, so he waited...

Yharon summons homing flare dust at the hero before performing Burning Whirlwind. The Terrarian took this moment and blasted upward, away from the phoenix. Through the ashen clouds he passed and escape into Yharon...


“Never lose sight of the enemy, Terrarian” The Terrarian was taken back. Yharon had factored in the hero’s retreat and warped above the cloud, awaiting the unaware warrior.

Yharon punch through Galaxia’s guard and broke the Terrarian’s posture leaving him vulnerable. The phoenix pulled the Terrarian’s leg pulling him downward, lighting up the atmosphere, fast and devastating as a meteor. Yharon then hold the hero’s torso pointing his face toward the ground.

"It's useless now-" The Terrarian kicked Yharon’s face, and pulling the dragon’s thumb open and escaping his grasp. They started spin around each other, wrestling.

Yharon was put into a behind back wrist lock by the Terrarian. The hero pulled the dragon’s horn and arm, pushing the Dragon in the direction of the floor. But...t

He felted a sharp, burning sensation puncture his back. Yharon’s tail...

The phoenix elbowed the Terrarian. The dragon flipped around, grabbing the hero and shoving him down. Only flames reflected through the eyes of the hero as they crashed down.

“Helldive “


Debris, ashes and magmas erupted above the cloud. Shockwaves traveled across the world. Felt by every being on the planet.

From the dusts and ashes, emerges Yharon. He shook of the dirty from his fur and feathers. He gazes down at his masterpieces of the Terrarian that is ashy and burned like the crater they are in.

“You’ve failed, just like always” Yharon said as he stood high and mighty, victorious...Before he felt a sharp pain lodge into his gut, “Empyrean Knives!?’

The ashen body of the Terrarian rose and kicked Yharon in the chin. They both got launch out of the crater and landed on the rim, opposite of each other.

“Impossible, how did you...” Yharon questioned disbelieved.

The Terraria pulled out a Medalion of metal and purple energy.

'Nebulous Core' Yharon concluded.

The Terrarian healed up. He wore a dull expression as he takes out a katana, which sheath was designed with a trigger and magazine. The hero slowly draws out a crimson blade, sparkling with velvet electricity. The blade vibrates at a high frequency burning the air. The Murasama.

"Your determination is aggravating. " The sky slowly darkens as Yharon accumulate his energy, absorbing his Infernal Photons and suppressing his burning temperature to within.

It takes 9-minutes for sunlight to reach earth. Until then, everything is consumed in complete darkness. The only light remain is the ever slightly glow of the sun.

“Let’s dance” Yharon said. His glowing eye vanish behind the curtain of shadows. The GS-armor with a glowing flying skull, helped brighten the small area around the hero.

The Terrarian took an orange potion-Hunter Potion- as he deflected the red highlighted Yharon attacks.

Yharon’s fur and feathers was dark like ash. Flames burned from under the feather, his eyes glowed radioactive green no pupil, emitting an uncanny presence.

Yharon’s claw covered itself orange metal-Dragon Auric Gold-. He sped around the Terrarian with superluminal speed. He overwhelmed the Terrarian with after images, creating spark as metal meet metal.

The Terrarian had a hard time parrying the dragon. The Murasama’s passive help parry everything at an omni-directional level. But he fell victim to Yharon’s arrhythmic fighting style and got slashed by Yharon that summons homing fireball upon hit.

The GS-armor glowed purpled as the Terrarian warped at lightspeed-God Slayer Dash-escaping the dragon and landed on the floating train rails.

Yharon caught up to the hero in an instance, he blasted the hero with a fireball with no indications launching him back.

The Terrarian parried the stream of fireball. But gradually Yharon-Dragon's Breath- got faster and faster. Dragon’s Breath becomes undeflectable as the Terrarian dashes away and switched too Exelsus.

The Terrarian parried the beam and infecting it with GS-Inferno. The beam connected to Yharon damaging him. The hero fired Excelsus’s projectile that hit the Dragon...’s after image. The hero swiftly parried Yharon wings that was imbued with Auric Gold-The Final Dawn-.

The hero swiftly switches into a samurai stance with the Murasama. Utilizing GS-Dash, the hero’s speed increase immensely. The hero focused on parrying the dragon with much more ease than prior.

Yharon, again, overwhelms the Terrarian through sheer speed. The Final Dawn create burning Dragonfire every strike. But the Terrarian thwarted off the flames using air pressure from the Murasama.

After seeing Yharon’s style through countless death. The Terrarian created a new fighting style. Balance Shift, A mix of defense and offense.

‘You fell for it’ Yharon remarked as he strike the Terrarian, who attack in unison leaving the hero vulnerable. But to the dragon’s surprise, the hero managed to parry Final Dawn.

As they continue trading hits. The Terrarian raised his blade for a parry, which the dragon knew and feinted. Unexpectedly, the dragon was cut by the hero.

Eventually, Yharon realized the hero has adapted to his fighting pattern. Balance Shift, counters the unpredictability of AF-pattern, by slowing down an action from completing it before suddenly switching to another action, in one move. Thus, the Terrarian doesn’t have to guess as he can shift to block when attacking mid-way and vice versa.

Yharon increase his speed, putting the hero in a defense position. The dragon went behind the hero preparing a perilous grapple that is unblockable. Unfortunately for the dragon, the hero parried the grab and counter the monster with a kick to the beak breaking Yharon’s posture.

Everything slows down, as the Terrarian slash the beast a hundred times before finishing with a powerful down cleave-Blade Mode-. Knocking the dragon back.

“Argh” Yharon grunted in pain. The Terrarian dashed at Yharon blade ready to only hit air. But that wasn't the only bad news, his GS-Dash is on cooldown. Yharon quickly surrounds the Terrarian with his after images.

He managed to parry mostly all of Dragon’s Rage attack. The Terrarian couldn’t move an inch out of his position. While the Terrarian was kept in one position, Yharon planned to cut through the hero’s defense with a cleave.

The hero continued to deflect Yharon’s mauling fury until he felt a tingled, something perilous is about to happen. The Terrarian hold his block and blast off. A gleam flashed as spacetime was split open. Dragonfire burned the fabric of reality, using it to create stray fireballs.

The Terrarian flew around the swift fireballs while also distancing from the source of it. He observed the massive flame cut that was half a mile. Snapping himself from staring, the hero looked around for the dragon.

A light gleamed behind him. Out of instinct, the hero dodged the attack in a nick of time. He flipped airborne, firing Excelsus’ blade at the dragon who weaved through them.

As their distant grew wider. Yharon flipped back, imbuing his wings with Auric Gold in the process. He acrobatically flung himself forward at luminal speed, spinning like a beyblade.

The Terrarian was caught off guard by the attack, and it costed him alot of his vitality. He ignored his injuries and charged at the dragon with Galaxia-Aries’ Wrath- twirling at the dragon.

Yharon deflected the blade with his wings. The dragon dash forward and overwhelm the hero with his mauling. But he felt nothing. The warrior has Rod of Discorded behind him and stab him in the back with the Murasama.

Yharon grab the Terrarian and pulled him out Infront of him and blasted the hero away with-Dragon's Breath-

The Terrarian went flying away, already low on health. He abandoned pursue and retreated. The Potion Sickness duration is too long, the hero couldn’t heal. He quickly pulled out his Empyrean Knives and throw it at Yharon.

‘How desperate’ The dragon thoughted. He dodges and out speed the knives that was following him. Once far away enough, the dragon imbued his wings with Auric Gold again.

He warped behind the hero and unleashed The Final Dawn onto the hero, finishing this fight. However, a light blinds his eye as he realized that sunlight has returned.

The light blinded the phoenix enough to give the hero a chance to parried TF-Dawn with the bloodshed blade. The warrior dazed Yharon with a back kick, He climbed behind the dragon and stabbed the beast’s wings with Excelsus, causing both of them to fall.

During their descend, Yharon flipped around the hero trying to maul him, “You son of a bi-”

He was cut off by a knuckle sandwich. The Terrarian uses Galaxia-Mercurial Tides- and beat the dragon with it. Yharon spin around and use moment to throw the hero away. Unluckily, the hero grappled on with the Bobbit hook and pull in for a stab in the dragon’s back.

As the ground became visible, the Terrarian flipped the dragon to bottom with him on top. He raised the fully charged Galaxy blade and plunge down at the phoenix, who caught it with his hand. The force of Mercurial Tide rocket them downward at devastating speed. Yharon roared as he clashes strength with hero. The GS-Inferno kept his wings from healing. He only watched as he was pushed down near the ground.

An impact that launches up massive amount debris. A dark fog emerged and covered most of the battlefield center, filled with colorful particles that was a beautiful yet poisonous or even infectious. Mountainous pillars that nearly touch the sky erected, surrounding the point of impact.

In the dark mist and at the center of the impact crater, A massive explosion burst out. Eventually the shockwave cleared, revealing Yharon. Bigger and Stronger.

Yharon managed to leave Reservation Mode before impact and survived. He looked around the fog of particles. He took a sniff and covering his nose.

“Astral Rot” The dragon muttered. He spread his wing and lift off, flying higher and higher. Before he could leave the poisonous mist, A purple flash knocked him of the air.

Yharon recovered and look around. A stream of Violet and Crimson passed behind him as a massive gash formed on his chest.

With the Mercurial Monoliths, The Terrarian maneuvered at superluminal pace with GS-dash. Using the dark mist to hide himself in, He can extend his attack with Murasama at Yharon’s blind spot numerous times.

The warrior ricochet around the pillars and struck the Dragon in the back, below, above...He created a pattern of a spider web focusing on Yharon in the center.

Yharon tried to retaliate. Flare dust, Flame Missile and Flame Breath can’t catch up with the hero. The dragon hides behind his guard, waiting for a perfect moment.

A dozen of Terrarian surrounded the beast blade readied. Yharon timed and throw a Dragon Fist in a loop, wiping all of them away. But he was still struck by the hero regardless.

‘Fine, get as close as you like’ Yharon released an enormous number of infernal energies before guiding, it back to himself, until it created a cyclone of blaze. “Burning Whirlw-”

The Dragon was sent flying through a mercurial monolith and came smashed into another.

“Haa!!” Yharon wheezed, his chest was scorched with a violet energy, absorbing his power

‘He managed to learn that cursed wyrm’s power?’ Yharon observed as the Terrarian dashed around him at luminal speed. Creating ghost of himself in the process.

The multiple Terrarians lunge at him. He breath out a mountainous amount of fire, engulfing the area. The hero hid move behind the monoliths, seeking an opening. Yharon observed the moving Terrarian, with patience, he warped at right Infront of the Terrarian

"Do not use my tactic against me, " Yharon vaporized the hero with scorching flames. Suddenly, a massive amount of force came crashing down on his spine. Plunging him downward onto the ground.

The hero persisted, stomping the dragon with his weight. He shoved a bunch of Empyreans Knives up the dragon’s heart. Before Yharon could vaporized him, the hero does a hand technique; making the E-knives absorbed Yharon’s vitality and fire, then burst into small powerful shockwaves.

'He is forcing me into my Reservation state?' Yharon gasped for air as he realized. It's inevitable. He has no other option. Running away would lead the hero to them. He has to be quick.

Everything turns pitch-black again. The Terrarian has successfully forced the dragon to transform but he has to be quick. If Yharon rebirth again, it will be hard to defeat him. He has one chance.

The Terrarian landed on top of an astral monolith. He retook a hunter potion and drew the crimson blade. He quickly searched for the dragon in the dark. Once he saw the dragon far away. Activating his GS-Dash and began his pursuit.

Suddenly, A massive force as big as a giant smashed and launched him into a Mercurial Pillar. The Terrarian raises his guard which was useless as he was stuck from behind. He doesn’t know what was going on, why can’t the hunter potion detect anything? He endured as another hit sents him upward.

Yharon has picked up the giant monolith and whack the hero around like a bat. After launching the hero, he threw the Mercurial Monolith that struck the hero with its sharp end. The Dragon blast and bulldozed through the Monolith from its rear, breaking it apart and reaching the Terrarian where he knee-kicked the hero further into space.

The dragon threw flurry of attacks at the terrarian with Dragon Rage. The Terrarian use the Empyrean Knives to deflect, heal and counter the phoenix.

‘Resourceful’ Yharon reminded himself. He blinds the hero with ashes before blasting him with Dragon’s Breath. Unexpectedly, he got stabbed in the back.

The Terrarian warped behind the dragon with RoD and plunged Excelsus into the beast, infecting it before rolling off its back, throwing a G-Smasher in the process. Dashing with the Aegis to get behind, again. Shoving Galaxia and Empyrean Knives before getting thrown off and receiving a Dragon Knuckle Sandwich as a reward.

The Dragon slash the Terrarian with his wings but the hero parried it perfectly. Yharon dodges G-Smasher and weaved through the Terrarian's Violet blade. Then, the phoenix catches the hero’s blade holding hand to which the warrior retaliates with a roundhouse kick, that the dragon caught.

Yharon proceed to raised and performs a backbreaker on the hero, but was interrupted by the returning G-Smasher. The Terrarian escaped and caught the weapon before getting jabbed and tail whipped away. Yharon blitz behind and Dragon’s Breath the Terrarian.

Yharon ricochets the Terrarian around, slowly ripping his armor off and taking his health by the minutes. It's time for the Finally. First, the phoenix sent the hero flying with Flames’ Out. Second, the dragon warped at the collision point. Third, Yharon fist burns with Auric Gold, drawing it back, the dragon finishes the battle.

The Terrarian snapped back at the climax of an attack. Quickly, he took a healing potion and ram the phoenix with the Aegis. But, Yharon dashed synchronized with the hero catching him by surprise.

"I'm already fond with your tricks. Hero "

Finally, Yharon delivered a devastating blow that smashes through the Terrarian’s Aegis, filling the hero body and soul with Auric energy. The Terrarian exploded into a nova. Ending the battle with a marvelous, Luminous scenery of a stellar aurora borealis.

“Overburdin” Yharon muttered silently...

He won...Again...

The Dragon of Rebirth emerged victorious...

Yet...Yharon could only feel dread...

‘My final move...’ Yharon shivered, ‘I’m at my limits. ’

The dragon shook his head, trying to think positive, ‘No! His soul is shattered, no longer in this world. There is no returning from that. ’

But coldness overlaps his internal fire, ‘But if he did...’

Yharon is fearful. His thoughts running a thousand miles per second. Memories flash through his mind. How Yharim was the first thing he ever saw, the poor helpless child in his arms. Then, the war waged by them. The alliance and friends they’ve bonded. but worst of all, seeing his master changed into a husk of a hero he once was.

Will he quit? Never.

He will move forward for his master. Nothing will stop that. Not his limits, his fear. Not even the realization of his inevitable demise. Will stop that. His unconditional loyalty will vanquish it all. And his final dying roar will be a tribute to his master.

Yet, knowing the time he has left. Yharon can’t help but think about what to do, what to spend the last time of his life. The dragon smiled as he visualizes himself beside his master, talking about something or doing something. Something that will make his last moments unregretful and worth remembering.

But first...

“When will you learn to lay down” Yharon suddenly cleaved the armor less Terrarian in half with The Final Dawn’s reality slash. Failure and confusion can be seen through the hero’s eye. The hero dropped the Murasama as his body slowly fall into a puff?

‘A hallow clone!!!’ Yharon realized.

The Murasama fell into the hand of the real Terrarian that was behind Yharon. The dragon tried to turn back realizing what happened. He didn’t have enough time. He instantly turns back into his base form.

However, the Terrarian took an iaido sword stance, his hand pulled on the trigger that was designed on the blade sheath as a cartridge popped out. The crimson blade blasted and unsheathed into the Terrarian’s hand. Immensely amplifying the hero’s draw and attack speed.

A speed that ended Yharon at the nick of time before the phoenix dragon finished shifting. Sunlight returns.

Yharon choked as he slowly descends. His eyes were blinded by the crimson blade that bathe in his blood and sunlight.

The Terrarian was a reminder of his failures, his fear, his shattered last wish. But his regret and sadness were shown by the blue sky. That beautiful blue sky reminded him of the visor of the auric helm that his master wore. The one that he hides himself behind. He felt something wet covering his eye before everything blacks out.

Resplendent Phoenix, Yharon has been defeated

...Unless we celebrated too early.

Yharon weakly opened his eye. Is this heaven? Or hell?

A shadow loomed over him. He looked up to see the hero who stare back at him. Hell, it is.

The Terrarian showed no expression, no excitement as he is about to execute the dragon. But his eye showed sympathy for the dragon. Yharon can read what flash through those eyes, he felt insulted and anger.

“Y-you...really a-are the worst...” Yharon grumbled, he closed his eye not wanting to see more of this irritating display. The dragon presents his neck and awaits his demise.

The Terrarian caught onto the message conveyed. Not wasting any more time, he raises his blade and struck-

The fabric of reality was split. A dark crimson ripple emerges, interrupting the execution. The crimson ripple brimmed with energy, vibrating and hummed as it shaped into four-point stars.

Suddenly, A figure emerges out of the ripple. A white-haired woman, eyes of gold and dress elegant in an otherworldly white dress. Her feet are wrapped in bandages. Her right hand is scarred with star, her left’s is brimmed with dark red marks that changes shape in a quadrilateral boundary. The impression she left is subtle, yet divine.

"Mortal, your insolent journey ends here" She Declared.

Yharon observed the mysterious third party that has arrived. But her speech pattern sounds authoritative, like those gods. No cultures in the universe represent a god like her. Perhaps, she is one of that Witch’s new creation, if she even is from Terraria.

Suddenly, A cube spawned under the Terrarian’s position. The hero backed flip, took a potion and fires Excelsus’ blades at the outsider which got blocked by cubic blocks wall.

The divine goddess sent strings of cubic to pursue the hero, who outmaneuvered them and throw a G-Smasher which got thwarted by the goddess, giving the hero a chance to struck her with Galaxia-Andromeda's Stride- unleashing a massive shockwave.

The Goddess managed to blocked the Terrarian’s attack with her rhombus force shield. Despite her dull expression like the Terrarian, she felt a tick of surprise for the hero’s blade gradually pushes and overpowers her.

The deity dashed back, tripping the off-guard hero forward into masses of cubes as it engulfed the hero. He stares into the unimpressed god, as the cube cover him whole.

Yharon watched as the Terrarian condensed into a golden tesseract, held in the woman’s palm. The dragon was bewildered by the goddess power before retorting into an unimpressed look with a scoff.

Above the unknown goddess is the Terrarian. His hand switch from Rod of Discord to Murasama as he charged at the woman. A mountainous cube appeared between them as it gets bigger pushing the hero back. Despite this, He unleashed the Murasama, splitting the cube wide open.

The goddess turned around meeting the Terrarian, who closed their distant in a blink. The hero co*cked his fist back as it burns with golden flame.

‘He learnt it!?’ Yharon gasped as the warrior delivered the blow. Unleashing a massive flash around the arena.

However, to the hero surprise. His fist was encased in a dark cube which was shaking violently as it contains Overburdin. Good news, he could move the cube. Bad news, more cube spread from it, overtaking his hand and his body.

The Terrarian was trapped, helplessly as he struggles to break free. From within, he tries to find a way to escape. He thinks of something, finding something in his pockets. Soon, he pulled out a jungle like mining equipment of orange and green-Blossom Pickaxe-

“What...?” The Goddess widened as she watches the hero broke through her cubes with ease. Her cubes fall into pieces shrinking into hand size block.

The hero manages to escape as he backed away, he mined his other hand opened. After that, something caught his attention, the cubes. He picked up one, it was everchanging between the hue of light orange to dark red and vice versa. Brimming with energy.

He looked over to the goddess who was very focused, pointing her hand at him, finger spread for control. Specifically, the block in his hand.

The lady was confused for why her cubes disappeared in his hand. She senses no magic from it vanishes. She watches as her cube slowly float and disappear into the man.

Her face turned serious, Uncountable number of cubes rise behind her and drowns the hero, crushing him. The Terrarian mined through the abundant of cubes. Slowly, the hero closes in on the Goddess.

When the goddess was in range with the hero, one hand he mined the other he held the Murasama. The crimson fire of rage and the verdant spark of adrenaline burst within his body. He stops mining and instantly sheath his crimson blade.

A cartridge smoked comes a powerful slash, cleaving through the mountains, splitting the heavens in half. Yet, the unknown goddess was nowhere to be seen.

The Terrarian swiftly switched into his pickaxe and mined omni-directionally at the cubes that suddenly engulfed him. He mine and mine, persistently. Maintaining the space inside the endless number of cubes.

“Despicable,” The unknown goddess muttered, as she shrunk the mountainous cubes into a small gold tesseract fitting in her palm.

She looked around and observed her surroundings, he checked the battlefield built by the hero. Rail ways float with no supports. She felt distaste at the technology of humanity.

Yharon tries to tend his wound, healing it with the remain energy from Reservation Mode. The Terrarian is gone, he couldn’t sense his essence. But he is for certain, the hero isn’t dead.

He closed his eye and laid silently, shutting down all organ function to regenerate his injuries. He might as well play dead, and escape under that god's nose-

“I know you are still awake ”

‘In the name of Terraria’ Yharon cursed in his mind. He pushed himself up to face the goddess.

“Wh-who are you?” Yharon mustered. The lady declared firmly,

“The sustainer of heavenly principles”

‘Heavenly principles?’ Yharon thoughted.

“The arrogation of mankind has plague everything around them, including themselves. We, divinities, lead humanity away from their hubris. And guide them.” She monologued, before raising her hand toward the dragon, “You see how ungrateful they are of you when they struck you down. We will bring order upon them and bring balance”

Yharon didn’t replied, his action did. He raised his hand closer against her before a sudden shockwave engulfed them both.

As the dust cleared. The unknown god looked disinterest at the dragon whose claw is inches away from her neck. She back off as the dragon easily powers through the cubes but fell forward due to his injuries.

“Balance?!” Yharon yelled, He struggle as the cubes slowly devourer him, “Your lies are no different from those leeches.”

Yharon couldn’t believe this. After the battle he went through. Despite his hatred for the hero, dying under him is more bearable than being taken by this undeserved thief. This usurper.

Yharon let out a mighty draconic roar before condensing into a cube in the Goddess’ hand.

After eliminating the dragon out of her way. She floats higher into the sky getting a better view of her surroundings. Hundreds of miles away was a small town, designed with the peculiar technology, making object float without any energy output. Across the seas, she can see a civilization with different technology than that town.

She doesn’t have much knowledge of this world. She must consult with the heavenly principles before making their mark on this world.

Content Expansion Adventure - Chapter 1 - Benhuyna (2024)
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