FREE Smash Cakes for Your Baby’s 1st Birthday at Stores Nationwide (2024)

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Baby’s 1st Birthday is an incredible milestone and should be celebrated to the fullest. Smash cakes are a great way to celebrate as they are largely made for your baby to smash up and have a ton of messy fun (they are edible too). Thankfully, many large stores across the states offer free smash cakes (typically with purchase) for baby’s first birthday!


Where (and how) to get your baby’s free smash cake:

  • Albertsons Market Head to Albertsons Market to get a free double-layer smash cake with any bakery order of $10.99 or more. Place your order at least one day before baby’s birthday.
  • Barnes & Noble Sign up for Barnes & Noble Rewards program, which is free to join, and you will score a free birthday treat from the Barnes & Noble Café during the week of your child’s birthday. It won’t be a smash cake, but it is still a nice treat for your kid – and free!
  • FredMeyer Get a free smash cake when you place an order for any bakery cake at FredMeyer, at least 24 to 48 hours before the day. The cake isn’t large by any means – more like a muffin, but you can choose between white or chocolate cake, and buttercream or whipped frosting.
  • Giant Eagle Any purchase of a quarter sheet cake valued at $19.99 or more at Giant Eagle comes with a free smash cake! This single-layer cake must say “Happy 1st Birthday” to qualify. It is not available online, so you have to call in your order at least 24 hours before you need it.
  • Giant Food Stores Any purchase of a quarter-inch sheet cake or larger at Giant Food comes with a free 7 inch single-layer smash cake! Simply call in your order at least 24-48 hours before.
  • Harris Teeter Simply complete this online form to get a free smash cake at Harris Teeter – no purchase required! Once completed, hand in tp customer service to receive a coupon for a free 5 inch Patti-cake! Note that applications can take between 4-6 weeks to process.
  • Kowalski’s Enjoy a free single-layer chocolate or white smash cake with an order of $9.99 or more at Kowalski’s. You can choose between pink or blue icing, and the discount will apply at checkout.
  • Lund’s and Byerly’s Place an order at Lund’s and Byerly’s for either a quarter-inch sheet cake, round cake, or cupcakes that totals at $21.99, and you will also get a free smash cake (it’s about the size of a big cupcake).Please note to place orders at least 48 hours in advance for weekdays and least 3 days in advance for weekends. Also check that your’s is a participating location before placing your order.
  • Price ChopperPurchase a birthday cake that’s at least a quarter-inch sheet or larger at Price Chopper to score a free 6 inch smash cake with a giant “1” on the top! Please note that the cake you’re ordering must read “Happy Birthday”, and must be ordered at least 24 hours ahead.
  • Publix Place an order at your local Publix for any cake that says “Happy 1st Birthday”, and you will get a free 7 inch single-layer smash cake that matches your baby’s birthday cake! Orders must be placed at least 24 hours ahead of pick up.
  • Stater Bros. Markets Enjoy a free 8 inch single-layer smash cake with any bakery purchase at Stater Bros. Markets! Best of all, you can choose the flavor and either a pink or blue rose. You do need to show proof of baby is turning one when you collect your order. Please check that your bakery does participate in this offer.
  • Stauffers of Kissel Hill Purchase a cake that’s a quarter sheet or larger at Stauffers of Kissel Hill, and you will get a free single-layer smash cake. Place orders 48 hours or more before you need it.
  • Super Target Place a special-order round or sheet cake at any Super Target with a bakery to get a free small round smash cake! Complete this form or go to your nearest bakery at least 48 hours before pick up to place your order.
  • Thrifty Foods Celebrate baby’s 1st birthday with a free 8×12 inch cake at your local Thrifty Foodsno purchase required! You can order by phone or in-stores and choose between pink, blue, or green. You must bring your child’s birth certificate when you pick up the cake, and there is a limit of one cake per child.Remember to place your order at least 24 hours before.
  • Tops Head to your local Tops Bakery to score a free 5 inch smash cake for baby – no purchase required! Customize the cake with whipped or buttercream icing in yellow, chocolate, marble, or white and your decorations of choice! You will have to show baby’s birth certificate to receive a coupon for the free cake, and must place your order at least 24 hours before pick up. They have locations in Pennsylvania, Vermont, and New York.
  • United Supermarkets Order an 8 inch or larger round or quarter-inch sheet cake for your baby’s first birthday to get a free smash cake at participating United Supermarkets! Orders must be placed at least 24-48 hours ahead.
  • Walmart Place a bakery order for a half-sheet cake (or larger) at your local Walmart to get a free round smash cake in either white or chocolate! Orders must be placed at least a week in advance.
  • Wegmans Order a sheet cake for baby’s 1st birthday at Wegmans to score a free cupcake with sprinkles! Just check that your local wegman’s offers this sweet birthday treat for little one.

Happy 1st birthday baby. Enjoy!

* Participating US locations only. Full terms and conditions apply.

FREE Smash Cakes for Your Baby’s 1st Birthday at Stores Nationwide (1)

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FREE Smash Cakes for Your Baby’s 1st Birthday at Stores Nationwide (2024)
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