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The Prost Biergarten received high praise from both families and large groups for its excellent service and attentive server, Lukas. The food was described as amazing, with everyone sharing and passing around plates to try various dishes like pork schnitzel, potato cakes, pretzel, beef stroganoff, and chicken papikash. The drinks were also highly regarded, particularly the popular Hugo drink.

I have been wanting to try this place for a while and I'm so glad I finally had a chance to! The food was sehr lecker (delicious)! We ordered several options on the happy hour menu: Flammkuchen "flame cake" flatbread, Riesenbrezel, and Crispy brussel sprouts. Thought we might need to order more (for 2 people) but ended up being full enough from all of that! We did get a blueberry tart for dessert that was great as well! The beer flight was fun to try and they had a great co*cktail and wine list. Our server, I believe her name was Esta, was super nice and the service was very quick. I would definitely recommend and can't wait to go back

Greer T — Google review

Place was pretty great, had a great atmosphere. The beef stroganoff was the weakest out of what we had. It wasn't bad but everything else was phenomenal. Apfel Bourbon and and the sauce that came with the pretzels should never be missed.

Brian N — Google review

Great service and wonderful atmosphere. Even the bathroom was pleasant. I got the mushroom soup, pork schnitzel, a flight, and a specialty drink that reminds me of a dreamsicle. The restaurant is a short walk to the water as well as many shops. I'm curious about the rest of the menu, so I'll definitely be back.

Tamara B — Google review

Our family and large party had such a wonderful meal here. The service was great and our server Lukas was very attentive. The food was amazing we were all sharing and passing around our plates saying “try this! Try this!” I didn’t get many photos because the food was too good it didn’t last long. The drinks were good and the Hugo drink was a hit. We have been waiting for a good German restaurant and this is it! We ordered the pork schnitzel, potato cakes, pretzel, beef stroganoff and chicken papikash. All wonderful!!!

Alissa C — Google review

First time there to meet with 2 friends and we were there early at 5:30. Glad they were not busy yet since the high top chairs are very difficult to sit in and 2 were wobbly so they gave us a table in window. We asked the server about some of the food and she seemed to be new as she left several times to ask what the food had in it. We kept trying to order drinks while she wondered around. Seldom do the four of us have only 2 drinks each over 75 minutes. Menu is a Bit too restrictive for us and we wanted dinner and not just apps and beer. Food we ordered was very tasty and gave us more than enough so we took home some.

James N — Google review

I recently had an exceptional dining experience at Prost Biergarten in Wilmington, NC, and I'm eager to share my positive review! My wife and I decided to have lunch there, and from start to finish, it was nothing short of outstanding.Firstly, the food was simply delicious. We indulged in their Riesenbrezel, which consisted of two generously-sized pretzels served with a delectable house cheese sauce and beer mustard. The combination of flavors and textures was absolutely delightful, and it set the tone for the rest of our meal.Next up was the Spätzle Mac & Cheese, which featured a blend of Emmental, Swiss, and Butterkäse cheeses. This dish was incredibly creamy and flavorful, with the perfect amount of cheesiness that left us craving more.We also tried the Crispy Brussels Sprouts, which were elevated by a warm bacon vinaigrette that added a savory depth to the dish. The flavors were harmonious, and the crispy texture of the Brussels sprouts was irresistible.The Potato Pancakes were another highlight, served with a tangy chive sour cream and house applesauce. The pancakes were cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the accompanying sauces complemented them perfectly.To top it all off, we couldn't resist trying the smash burgers, which were cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor. Each bite was a culinary delight, and it was evident that the chefs at Prost Biergarten take great care in crafting their dishes.Overall, our experience at Prost Biergarten was nothing short of exceptional. The food was outstanding, the atmosphere was warm and inviting, and the service was attentive and friendly. I highly recommend dining at Prost Biergarten for anyone looking to indulge in delicious German-inspired cuisine in Wilmington.

Chuck R — Google review

Loved the outdoor atmosphere, the spätzle mac and cheese and they have Red Oak on tap. What’s not to like? So glad downtown has a true German beer garden now. Handholds only for lunch, entrees are available after 5pm. They also have daily specials on food and co*cktails. 10/10, would recommend!

Dharma L — Google review

Not worth it!Just recently tried this restaurant and thought it would be a good idea since the reviews were great. Boy was I wrong, the atmosphere seems as if it would be on the fancier side, but everybody in there was wearing T-shirts and sweats. The workers weren’t very friendly at all. Just not a very inviting environment. My friend and I came towards the middle of the day, wasn’t busy at all. Plenty of empty tables. But the waiter was telling us, If you didn’t have a reservation we can only put you at a table for an hour and 30 minutes. Very strange because I’ve never been to a restaurant that tells you that. again, so I was very leery about staying at this place and trying it out..we get seated at the table, given the menus, after asking us, if we want drinks, and then immediately said, if we were ready to order., We placed the order and not even 15 minutes later we already got our food. I ordered the chicken cordon blue sandwich, and I could definitely say on the outside it was fried to perfection but the inside was slightly pink. Definitely not something I want to see in chicken. Everything felt completely rushed in general during our duration in the restaurant. We just felt very rushed, even rushed us when we wanted to get dessert. We ordered the black forest ice cream. In the pictures it shows you would actually get a piece of cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But in actuality you’re getting two scoops of vanilla ice cream with crumbs of a black forest cake/the sauces that would be included for it. For the amount of money you get charged for it it’s pretty misleading. we even asked the lady do they have individual black forest cake slices, she said yes and of course, minutes later she comes back and says no. But I really think it was mainly because they wanted us to leave so they could fill the table. It was just really rude and disrespectful. I would honestly recommend people never coming to this location. The food was not impressive, the price was OK, not a very friendly environment, and I certainly didn’t like the way we were rushed during our meal. We weren’t even there that long, but I just felt like they kept coming to the table and removing plates, even though we were still eating. I don’t know, it was very rude. Save your money go to a different German restaurant this one isn’t it.There’s plenty of amazing restaurants in the area. This one just didn’t make the cut in my honest opinion.

Mia C — Google review

A great spot to hangout if the weathers nice and you're wanting a good drink or some food. I got the schnitzel entree and I was impressed! The beer was pretty good as well. Overall a nice little spot.

Brock Z — Google review

Excellent German restaurant located inside a historic building with a nice sized outdoor space (covered). Food is excellent - we enjoyed the Brussels and Potato Pancake appetizers and the pork schnitzel and beef stroganoff entrees. The beer list is great - local and regional taps and German and Belgian bottles mixed with local and regional cans. Service is great. Absolutely a must go.

Rick H — Google review

Little bit of an odd experience. We really enjoyed sitting outside, although it was because we had to wait until 6:45 to be sat for our 6pm reservation. We ordered the Brussel sprout app, which was amazing!Sitting down for dinner, we again enjoyed what they have done with the place, nicely appointed. The menu however, seemed to be all handheld. There were 5 entrees, which seemed rather basic. We chose to try the stroganoff and 2 more apps, because the sprouts were so good.The potato cakes were not bad, but again, very basic. The savior of the dish was the horseradish sauce. It also came with plain applesauce? Must be a German thing.Last dish was the firecracker shrimp app. Also pictured. It was good, I would recommend it, and the Brussel sprouts.I can't say the service was disappointing, because I have adopted a new, very low expectation, everywhere I go now. But I also refuse to give 5 stars without great service.The true score would be 3.5 stars: minus a half point for the lunch menu at dinner, and a full point for the "I hate my job" bartender, and the "I don't want to be here" server. It really is a cool space, and I will probably try again at some point...for lunch.(Update to the owner who responded to this review - I was unable to find any way to contact you, via the restaurant website, or from reading a handful of other reviews. I am not going to individually call out specific employees on a public forum, as there are always two sides to a story, but I do appreciate the response to this review).

Dennis D — Google review

Loved the food and service from Mia. We went for a single app but ordered the onion dip, pancake potatoes and the AMAZING firecracker shrimp. Would recommend coming for an aperitif.

Camryn W — Google review

Trendy German restaurant in downtown Wilmington has a great atmosphere; music wasn’t too loud so you could hear eachother talk, place was clean (including bathrooms) and it wasn’t overcrowded. The service was super and the wait time for food on a Saturday evening was very decent. The food was unique and tasted great! They have vegetarian options too that were full of good flavors. The prices were really decent too so you could actually get dinner and a dessert! I would absolutely go here again.

joz116 — Google review

What a gem! We chose this restaurant for dinner because of its proximity to our hotel and the current review ratings. The food was absolutely amazing, the atmosphere was gorgeous and the staff was attentive and kind. We highly recommend the pork chop and brussel sprouts.

Jenny M — Google review

Beautiful atmosphere and good food! The smoked trout dip was our favorite! We enjoyed it and would come back.

James B — Google review

115 S Front St, Wilmington, NC 28401, USA 399-4170

The 21 best pubs in Wilmington (2024)
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